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  Registration Form - 2017
  Policies and Procedures - 2017
  Police Information Check - 2017
1. ENTRANCE AND ATTIRE. Everyone must enter the building by the SOUTHEAST entrance. All people entering the church must remove outdoor footwear on carpets provided. The children should dress in comfortable play clothes, have indoor shoes/slippers which can be kept at school for the year.

2. PARKING. Parking is available in the east graveled parking lot only. The speed limit is 20 KM per hour. Please watch for children.

3. DROP-OFF, PICK-UP, AND ABSENTEEISM. An adult must accompany your child directly into the classroom. After class, please pick up your child promptly. After 11:15 and 2:45, you are responsible for the safety and behavior of your child. As a courtesy, please call the school (403-278-9594) and leave a message if your child will be absent.

4. VOLUNTEERING. This is a Cooperative Preschool which means everyone volunteers in various ways:
  • Classroom Helper – you will be scheduled to help in the class (Approx. 7 times in the year). If you cannot help on your scheduled day, you must make the alternative arrangements. Social Services requires a ratio of 12 children to 1 adult be present at all times in the classroom. Classroom Helpers are to be available when the outer door is unlocked 5 minutes before class. If your scheduled commitment is not fulfilled, by either attending the class or making alternative arrangements, action will be taken by the MCPA Executive Committee.

  • Volunteer List – all positions must be filled before the start of school. Those who do not volunteer on said list, will be required to clean school toys, equipment etc., in the specific month you are assigned. During the school year, parents will be called upon to make play-dough and to help during special parties and field trips.

  • Substitute Classroom Helper (SCH) – it is the complete responsibility of the requesting parent to contact a SCH (from your class list) to arrange all details. The SCH will be paid $20.00 by the requesting parent. The requesting parent must inform the Teacher of the substitute. Any interested parent can become a SCH, which is indicated on the class list and sent home at the beginning of the school year. You can remove your name from the SCH list at any time.
5. NOTIFICATION OF NON-PARENT PICK-UP. Please notify the Teacher, in writing or phone message, if your child is to picked up by someone other than who is stated on your Registration Form. Your child will not be released to anyone unauthorized by the parent/guardian.

6. TOILET TRAINING. All children MUST be toilet trained, by the start of the school year.

7. SIBLINGS No Siblings or other children are allowed in class during regular class hours (except for the Halloween party) unless permission is otherwise given by the Teacher.

8. WEATHER. Class will be cancelled if the temperature drops below –35C (regardless of wind-chill temperature). You may call the school directly for information regarding cancellations.

9. SNACKS Healthy Nutritious snacks such as: fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, cereal are to be brought by each child each day and put in the food basket to be shared at snack time. **Please, NO candies, cookies, or pastry on regular snack days. MCPA is a NUT FREE ZONE

  • A pre-registration is held in January for current and previous families enrolled at the preschool. Following this, public registration begins. At Registration, you are required to pay a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee and one month’s (May 2018) tuition fee. This acts as next May’s monthly fee and secures your child’s spot for the year.

  • Monthly Fees must be paid by post-dated cheques, dated the 1st of every month, from September to April or pay in full by cheque or cash. These cheques or cash must be submitted at registration or at the Orientation meeting held in September.

  • The Executive determines an extra-curricular fee annually (see Extra-Curricular letter). This amount is required as a post-dated cheque for May 1st, 2018 or at time of registration. This amount is non-refundable after May 31, 2018.
11. WITHDRAWAL. If you wish to withdraw your child from the program, written notice at the beginning of the month must be given to the school. If a full month’s notice by the 1st of the month is not given, the payment for May will be used as that last month’s fee and any remaining cheques will be returned. There is no refund given for days absent.

12. NSF POLICY. If in the event a tuition payment is NSF, a service fee will be applied in the amount of $25.00. We realize that sometimes these situations occur, however the following policy applies to all NSF’s:
  • First Occurrence: A letter will be sent home requesting payment in cash to be provided within one week of notice. If payment has not been received in the time allotted, a phone call will be made advising that payment is required. If in the event that payment has not been received prior to the end of the current month, your child will not be permitted to return to class until this has been resolved.

  • Second Occurrence: Same as above.

  • Third Occurrence: A letter will be sent home advising that you will be on a cash only basis which is due on or before the last school day prior to the start of the month. Failure to do so will result in your child being automatically withdrawn from the school.
13. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. In Case of Emergency Evacuation – the children will be instructed to exit the building quickly and will be walked over to R.T. Alderman Middle School (725 Mapleton Drive S.E.). Parents will be contacted, by telephone, to come and pick up their children there.

14. RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Although Mapleridge Cooperative Preschool is of no religious denomination; we do celebrate such holidays as Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, Easter with a spring theme, Thanksgiving, etc. During these times, the crafts, songs and stories may reflect on the holiday at hand. If your religion does not celebrate these holidays, and you do not want your child to participate, we ask that you do not bring your child to school during these days. The Teacher finds it very difficult to explain why some children can or can not participate. This policy is by no way written to offend any religious belief, but instead, to offer our best solution for this controversial issue.